Rules for Patrick's favourite RomCom/Romance List

Hey guys, so I didn't want to do a generic romcom list and I didn't want to do a generic romance list, because it would end up being the same as every other one out there.  I don't like that, so I've put in some rules to ensure that it's not a basic list of movies.  That being said, there will certainly be some classics on the list, but I'm working on making it a list that people could watch themselves and don't need a significant other there to enjoy it.  Why, you ask?  Because I'm a single man and enjoy romcoms by myself.  So without further adieu, THE RULES OF PATRICK, IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER (of importance, they're certainly in order, i need numbers on the side or it makes me sad.)1.) Romance or comedy MUST be prominent parts of the film, if I am attempting to define it as a romcom, both romance AND comedy must be the two most prominent features of the movie.  In this case, The Princess Bride cannot be featured on the list solely for the fact that, while it is indeed a romance and a comedy, I wouldn't put comedy as the second best way to describe it, I would put action.2.) No John Hughes movies.  I know this will make a lot of people upset, but there's a reason.  John Hughes movies could take up the entire list and that's not what I'm looking for.  So rather than deciding what movie I like more between Sixteen Candles, Ferris Bueller's Day off or The Breakfast Club, I chose to have none of them on the list.3.) No Disney Cartoons.  This is very much so the same type of rule as the John Hughes movie rule.  It would be too difficult to decide between all of them.  I also think "cartoon" is in a category on its own, so they would also get nixed by rule one, but I still felt the need to clarify because Aladdin, Mulan or even Hercules  could be on the list.  Better to keep away from all that.4. No "other" movies.  By that I mean no movies that you need someone else there to enjoy.  Which nixes so many classics and great movies.  But no go's on Titanic, The Notebook  or Pride and Prejudice.  As I said up top, these are movies that can certainly be enjoyed on your own... with popcorn... and tears for being alone.5.) No "wellllll" movies.  I don't want a wishy-washy decision on a movie that "could" have made it in dependent on the day.  If at any moment of the list I am unsure I am not going to have it on the list.  Certainties only.6.) As with everything in my life, I am going to rate these movies on a scale... no, multiple scales!  I had hoped to find a fun emoji to rates things, a nice group of pictures of like.. chilli peppers or something fun like that, but unable to do so.  Instead I'll rate them on Romance, Comedy and "viewability" - which is just how many times I think it could be watched solo and still be fun. So there we have it, the rules of the list!  I will soon be writing the list of movies for everyone's reading pleasure.  Thanks for reading guys.