Movie Marathon Day 11: Osmosis Jones

Starring: Chris Rock, BillMurray, David Hyde-Pierce, Laurence Fishburne, Molly Shannon, William Shatner, Chris Elliot, BrandyPlot: Frank is a human, Osmosis Jones is a white blood cell in the "Frank P.D." charged with making sure Frank stays healthy. Thrax is a new disease that wants to be world known, there's a pill named Drix too.Review:  This may be a short review as this movie confounded me from the get go.  I used to love when movies would combine with cartoons, Who framed Roger Rabbit? is one of my favourite movies ever, Cool World less so, this is below Cool World.  Allow me to show my work before you get upset with me and wish a case of Thrax on me.1.) the voice acting in the movie wasn't good, neither was the surround while "in Frank".  I would have loved it if there were ambient noises from both inside and outside sources that were in the background through the movie, it would have been cool.  As for the voices, Chris Rock never once sounded like he wanted to be in this movie, perhaps it was because he didn't have too many chances to discuss how difficult it is because he's black, or maybe because he wasn't allowed sex in the Champagne room, I am unsure. Fishburne as Thrax didn't do it for me either, he was too erratic of a character and the voice didn't lend to it.  Pierce as the medicinal pill that's boring was pretty great.2.) Chris Rock sucks. I know a lot of people will disagree with me over this, because his acting in Grown Ups 2 was perfect, but he's a crappy actor who got a rise to fame as a poor black guy on the streets of New York and is now a very rich black guy who bitches about the streets of New York all the way from his mansion in Los Angeles.  He was tired before he got anywhere, this movie didn't help.3.) It wasn't a mix of real world and cartoon, it was two movies mashed together.  The real life Bill Murray stuff doesn't have any of the cartoon stuff in it and vice versa, which sucks.4.) Remember those really old, stupid cartoons we were meant to watch in school that were educational and made us all hate movie day?  That's what this was, just a lot longer of one.5.) Everyone had cute cheeky names involving the body, except Thrax and Drix, but even he had a dumb name.  Mayor Phlegmming, Osmosis Jones, Leah Estrogen (they didn't even try to make this one cute) and Pierce was Drixenol "Drix" Koldreliff.  Really guys, Coldrelief is his last name?  Why does every little thing in our body need to have a cute name when in a movie?  Either call it what it is, or call it a name.  Pretty simple way to not have people believe you think you're ten times smarter than we are.6.) It didn't really know who it was made for.  Roger Rabbit was made for adults, period.  Everything cutesy in it was collateral damage from it being badass, but it was made for nostalgia and fun for grown ups.  This was all over the map with what it wants.  Too many cutesy parts that show funny parts of the body (A deleted scene shows them going to "Gonads Gym" to talk to sperm who all happen to be working out), and then scenes with Thrax were overly serious to the point of being comical, but not in a fun way like when Judge Doom went all cartoon in Roger Rabbit, more a mix between plaque and the Joker.I can't say as I didn't have a bit of fun watching this movie, but it certainly wasn't one to make me want to buy it.  If you want to remember 2001, give it a go.  If you want to remember cartoons and humans mixed in a way that makes you want more, watch Who framed Roger Rabbit.