Movie Marathon Day 5: Black Mass

Starring:  Johnny Depp, Joel Edgerton, Benedict Cumberbatch, Kevin BaconPlot: 1970's Boston see Whitey Bulger team up with the feds to get make the Italian mafia swim with the fishes.  I don't know if they say that at all, but it still sounds good to me.Review:  I was skeptical of this movie at first, because I admittedly am not a Johnny Depp fan.  I think he's pretty one dimensional for the past decade, but in this he looks very different, which is scary and unnerving to me.  Nonetheless I dove into it to see just how good all these other amazing actors could make Depp be.  Immediately I can tell when it's Depp, the make up they put on him can never cover his gaunt face.  Not that he looks bad, just that it must be tough to be a chameleon with such a unique look.It's a telling of Bulger's life story through the eyes of his many thugs, who have all gone into witpro and turned against him. Witpro, look at me, talking all lingo on you guys.I love the hair from the 70's, it's either gigantic or greasy as all get out.  The movie is decently slow moving at first, but there's a couple bloody fight scenes at the beginning that get you going and not minding the small stuff so far.25 minutes in and I enjoy the movie thus far, but it is slow moving.  I have a theory that 95% of "real life" stories turned into movies are bad, so this movie isn't going to easily win me over, I know it's going to be slow for a good chunk, like the scene where Depp plays Gin with him mom, riveting.  That being said, the parts where Depp threatens people actually speed up my heart a tiny bit.Line of the movie so far, 26 minutes in is when a dude brings a bullet proof vest into a car and another guy says "It makes you look like a faggot", only to have the other guy reply "we'll see who looks like a faggot when it stops a couple of bullets."  then completely silence.  Dude got worked haha.Kevin Bacon hits at minute 29, man he looks good in a suit. I need a suit, does someone know a place I can get a deal?Benedict Cumberbatch's accent is hilarious to me.  It's not that it isn't good, just that it's tough for me to hear him say something that isn't amazingly condescending like he does in Sherlock.  He's a super good actor and everyone should see him as Alan Touring.The rise of Bulger into a Crime Boss of Boston is interesting, but also slow.  I can see why a lot of younger people didn't like this movie, but it's done really well.  Even the downtime is done well, which is impressive as Depp usually chews scenes like a cow on cud.There's a big under story about how Bulger was big into the world of Jai-alai, which is cool because that sport amazes me, I didn't know it was a thing that far back.  I actually had a star above my head that said the more you know.Big scene at an hour in where Bulger kills a guy, the first time you see him kill anyone on his own.  It was an intense scene that brings you back in after a lull of dialogue.  I also like the music a lot in this movie, no time pieces, just dark music that is low and understated.I can't talk too much about the stuff in this movie as I don't want to spoil anything for anyone, but there's a lot of good scenes, Edgerton and Depp play off each other really well.A run time of an hour fifty five makes this not a short movie, as well as very slow (which I said a lot before), but all in all I really enjoyed it.  I think this was a good step away from the Burtonized life Depp was leading.  It was sort of a throwback to Donnie Brasco, at least to me.  Nice to see that Depp still has a bit of range, Edgerton did quite well, Cumberbatch is great in everything.  I would say that someone who is similar to my age, maybe a bit older would really enjoy this movie.  A younger audience wouldn't like it, I don't think, because it's not a typical gangster movie that we have nowadays, there wasn't a single likeable character, the bad guy almost got away and only a few gruesome deaths over the entire movie.  But give it a go.