Goosebumps (2015)

Starring: Jack Black, Amy Ryan, Ken Marino, Jillian Bell, R.L. StinePlotline: A mother/son combo move to small-town U.S.A. and find out the town has something to hide. Something... Monstrous!Review:  So it's a Monday night and nothing is really going on in my life.  I ask my room mate if he wants to come see Goosebumps with me and he replies "Really?  Goosebumps? What the hell, I'm in a good mood and if it's that bad it won't bother me, it'll be free, let's do it" (I paraphrase, I couldn't tell you exactly what he said).  I expected it to be a dumb want of a movie that provided a laugh or two, but nothing major.  Man was I wrong.  I loved this movie!  Maybe it was because I haven't seen Jack Black in anything for a while, maybe it was because this was a nostalgic movie made from things from my childhood, but hot damn was this great.The acting was all done decently well too, considering that it's mainly unknowns, Jack Black as the Hermetic R.L. Stine was a nice Jack Black on 8, but he ALSO voiced Slappy, the villainous puppet from "Night of the living Doll", and that gave us Jack Black on 12, so it evened out quite nicely. Ken Marino plays a bit part as a gym teacher, and I would have liked to see more of him, but I can never complain about seeing him in a movie.The best part of the movie was that it started super cheesy like a Goosebumps tv show from back in the day, but then evolved into so much more and made fun of itself, took itself seriously all the while providing good laughs.The effects were done pretty good too, from the Abominable Snowman to Slappy the ventriloquist doll (Who gets mad when you call him a dummy), to the wolf man that looked pretty impressive.  The giant Praying Mantis was super fun too.Just an overall fun movie that I enjoyed a whole bunch and I think if you're a fan of horror comedy with a childish tinge, or a a fan of RL Stine in general you would enjoy it too.