Movie Marathon Day 9: Drop Dead Fred

Starring: Rik Mayall, Phoebe Cates, Tim Matheson, Carrie Fisher, Ron Eldard, Bridget FondaPlot: Fred (Mayall) is an imaginary friend to Lizzie (Cates) who disappears when she decides to grow up, but comes back into her life when she is dealing with emotional strife as an adult.  "Hilarity" ensues.Review: Maybe it's the age gap here, but I do not find Rik Mayall funny in any way.  I think he's annoying as hell and I would rather watch Gallagher destroy a thousand watermelons over Mayall.That being said, this movie is real tough to watch again.  Not only because the filming was done pretty poorly, but because it's not great.  Even with many actors and actresses I like (literally every one on the list above save for Mayall), I still found this an ordeal the caliber of a Herculean trial.Phoebe Cates is hot, even to this day at the just ripe enough age of 52 she is a beautiful woman.  Also, I did not know she was married to Kevin Kline for 28 years, a man 17 years older than she is.  Good for him, cause man she looks good.Bridget Fonda also looks pretty great in this movie, it was right before her Single White Female  role, which was a big one for her.The return of Fred into her life made me realize that she basically went insane and this was her only way to get out of it.  Sure, he life is in shambles, but she shouldn't bring back an imaginary friend, she should seek help and lots of it.Rik Mayall looks a lot like Paul Bettany, that's weird.35 minutes in and this movie is ridiculous.  Even more ridiculous than thinking about Phoebe Cates and Tim Matheson being together in it.I could see why people would like this movie when they were kids, Fred is a character who characterizes being a child almost flawlessly, even to the point of hating broccoli.  Why does broccoli get such a bad rap with kids?  That stuff is fantastic, I thought so even as a child.  Sorry, went off track for a second, while this is a movie great for children, I watch it now and wonder if I did anything that awful when I was younger, why I think such things would be funny and do that weird head tilt that dogs do when they're confused a lot during this movie.Jesus, her mom has a line in the movie "sometimes I don't think I love you as much as I used to." Holy crap that bitch is cold.  From what i'm gathering in this movie, and I'm no psychologist here, her mom is bat shit insane too.  I believe her dad left because he wasn't insane and couldn't deal with it, but her mom says that her father left because of Phoebe Cates.  BECAUSE OF PHOEBE CATES GUYS.  This movie blows my mind.There's a scene at the end where she finds resolution in her life and "doesn't need Fred" anymore, which means she just decided to not be crazy?  He tells her she's not a whack job anymore and she's right on board with it.Every scene where an actor or actress has to deal with an imaginary friend, or do something that should involve two people, but only involves one must be super difficult.  Try to give a high five to a person that isn't there, you look like a handicapped mine.I can't say as I enjoyed this movie, I'm not a child anymore and I outgrew drop dead Fred, which is weird because I still like The Goonies as much as ever.You want a movie that is just as insane, but still funny for a lot of good gags, go watch a movie from 1992 called Brain Donors.  This can probably be skipped for a lot of people, unless you're a girl I know who loved it as a kid.