The Man From U.N.C.L.E. (2015)

Starring: Henry Cavill, Armie Hammer, Hugh Grant, othersSynopsis: after WWII had ended, Germany has been split up to be policed by the Americans and Russians.  Two unlikely partners have to stop a megalomaniac from selling nuclear bombs to terrorists.Review:  I liked this movie a lot.  I had written and article earlier in the year about how it could be the sleeper hit of the year, and I stand by it.  I was a bit weary of seeing it because my brother had seen it and said he didn't like it at all, but he may not have seen the TV show from back in the 1960's, but I had seen a good couple episodes.  As a time piece I feel it was done really well and it hit a lot of the same beats as the show did, including the use of music to overlap the action and violence, to keep the movie at a nice PG rating.imagesI thought the style in which Guy Ritchie filmed it was done really well, and he captured the essence of a bygone era really accurately(from the pictures I have seen of said era...). The colours of the movie stood out super well, almost made me think it was filmed in technicolour to make it even more authentic.  At the same time, as I said earlier, the music was really good too.  It brought me back to the older movies that Ritchie had done, like Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, which was awesome for me as I had found his Sherlock Holmes movies a little lacking in the Ritchie touch area.asdfThe acting was done pretty well, I enjoyed a lot of it and felt that all of the actors play the actors playing the characters of the show quite well.  Armies Hammer is enormous and really played the role of the Russian Ilya quite well.  I believed he was a psycho and I would love to see him play a villain in a movie.  I felt that Cavill played the role well, but it was difficult for me as I haven't really seen him in a movie where he wasn't wooden.  I know that was the role he was to play, but it was tough for me because everything I see him in, he doesn't really... grab me in any way.UnknownI believe the best part of the movie, wasn't the action, wasn't the acting, wasn't the gorgeous women, but was the scene at the end where Cavill is on the phone with the villain, and you expect some sort of fantastic chase scene, you instead get them talking and have Cavill say that they shot a missile at the boat and the villain is basically boned.  I thought that was a welcome change to the huge fight scenes nowadays.A lot of people won't like the movie because it didn't have any big twists, but I didn't feel it needed to.  It was a straightforward movie about straightforward things and I think it's most assuredly worth the watch.