American Heist (2014)

Starring: Adrian Brody, Hayden Christensen, "Akon"Plotline:  Two brothers' paths intertwine as one is trying to go on the straight and narrow, the other leads a life of crime and needs help before it's too late.Review:  I have a similar thing with Hayden Christensen that I do with Zac Efron.  I think he's a really good actor, and has done some really amazing movies (Watch Life as a House. I wept like a child), but hasn't had a chance to hit his stride because he got into Star Wars and those two movies killed him, as they killed a lot and were real not good. I liked the idea of this movie because he plays the "good" brother to Brody's bad.  I am not a huge Brody fan, but I recognize that he's a good actor who gets put into the hero role often, so it's kind of cool to see him as a semi antagonist/anti hero in this.  Akon is... that singer guy who sings "Smack that" with Eminem.  I don't know much about him except he's kind of weird looking to me.The opening of the movie kinda bothered me, solely because it played into every single stereotype a grease ball like Brody could get into all at the same time.  He gets out of jail and immediately does blow, smokes, drinks, gets a lap dance and a hooker for random sexual acts within the first 5 minutes of the movie.  I get that it's a montage and this is the character he plays, but all those things seem really difficult to do within like...5 hours of getting out of jail to me. (It was made up for by the main villain slapping him in the face directly after that.)I didn't even know Jordana Brewster was in this movie, a bit awkward that Christensen kind of looks like Paul Walker to me.... I also find it a bit awkward that she finds work as I think she's terrible.bone-deepI have also noticed that lately Hollywood has made all people who are down on their luck sound a little slow.  I get that Brody is a criminal and Christensen is the guy trying to succeed in a world that isn't his, but they don't have to sound slower than normal.  I think it would be really cool to see a movie where he's down on his luck, but a genius who just made bad moves.  Like Good Will Hunting, but instead it IS his fault. (That was way more funny in my mind than on paper, sorry guys.)They also swear a lot.  I also swear a decent amount, but they swear so much that it loses it's edge to me.  If you drop the big every fourth word it becomes a much smaller f, you know what I mean?imagesI will say that the mistrust that Christensen has for Brody through the first half seemed real genuine.  Even after the big reveal about how difficult prison life is (sex with toothpaste in this movie apparently), he didn't bend over backwards for the guy, Christensen was still pretty standoffish about it, which was good.  I am glad there was more beyond the character development in the movie, they took it past the movie.While I liked the movie, it was decently predictable, even down to the part where I called Brody using his "talents" to steal things for his family when he was younger, or the part where they baddies were going to use Brewster against Christensen.  Nothing really new or exciting in this, and my like of Christensen is not really enough for me to put it over as anything remarkable.The big heist scene at the end of the movie seemed really messy and done not as well as it could and the main villain, an actor by the name of Tory Kittles had a weird complex about banks being the downfall of society that they really only touched on once, which was weird.  It was even pretty easy to point out the Brody would die by the... 30 minute mark I would say.  It ends with Christensen on a bus and Brewster not knowing if she should send cops after him or not.I'd say this movie was... fine.  There wasn't anything particularly wrong with it, but it didn't wow at all.  I like Christensen as I have said before, so I think he deserves better than this, such as it is.  But if you like Heist movies, give it a watch, it will not make you regret the last 90 minutes of your life type thing.