Pokemon: Detective Pikachu (2019)



  • A young guy goes on a search for his missing father in a world where people and animated creatures (Pokemon?) co-exist.


  • Nope.

  • The plot twist at the end wan’t actually half bad.


  • Special effects weren’t very good.

  • Humour missed its mark.

  • Carrying this movie off the power of another film’s raunchy commentary and scripting is weak.

Final Thoughts

I don’t get it. I was never a Pokemon guy. Didn’t play the games, didn’t watch any of the shows. Opportunity came up to sneak peek this film and I try not to say no to free movies. This wasn’t a wise choice, however, The film was lacklustre and the guy beside me giddily cooing at every new animated thing showing up on screen gave me a headache. Having Ryan Reynolds voice a cartoon character after being Deadpool was sure to put asses in seats but I feel it fell flat at best. I was simply occupying a seat until the film ended. I will say that how they tied the film together was decent enough though. So, not a complete waste–just mostly one.