Hellboy (2019)



  • Hellboy and the B.R.P.D. have to stop the impending plague being threatened by the Blood Queen.


  • Special effects were good, albeit CGI feeling.

  • Same tone as original two films.

  • David Harbour did a decent job as the new Hellboy..


  • Plot development woes, just like the other two Hellboy films.

  • The Blood Queen is relegated to the long list of forgettable and underdeveloped antagonists.

  • Special effects lost the hand-fashioned feel of the previous two instalments.

Final Thoughts

I enjoyed this newest instalment or reboot of Hellboy. Whichever it is, I don’t care. It had the same feel and vibe, with Hellboy being sarcastic and smug no matter the situation. It could have been Ron Perlman at any point, really. I know it’s a Hellboy film, but boy do the other characters feel underwhelming. Luckily, Ian McShane makes any character cool and Milla Jovovich is always a fun draw. I’m presently unsure if we’ll ever see a sequel to this iteration, but I enjoyed it enough to say I’d see a follow-up. If you liked the other two, you’ll find things to like about this one.