Welcome To Marwen (2018)



  • After a savage attack, a man uses actions figures, his dolls, and his imagination as his road to recovery.


  • Special effects were dynamite.

  • Story had a warmhearted feel.

  • Steve Carell is great, as usual.


  • Geez, does there need to be one?

Final Thoughts

What can I say? This is a nice movie about moving forward, onward, and upward. Through whatever means necessary, in this case with action figures, dolls, and imagination; there's probably very little we can't overcome. With subtle references to addiction, hatred, and violence; Welcome To Marwen never gets too heavy while delivering a heavy story and that's a tough line to walk. I appreciate how such heavy subject matter was portrayed using special effects to make the imagination come alive. I finished the movie with a smile on my face and I feel like that was the goal. Success, I'd say.