The Hummingbird Project (2019)



  • Some people try to create a faster data delivery system for the stock market, making them millionaires if it succeeds.


  • The film wasn't bogged down by technical or stock market jargon.

  • The stakes felt real for most of the characters.

  • The antagonist wasn't an insanely over the top rich maniac.

  • Mostly, nothing felt excessive or out of place.


  • One of the characters felt like a cartoony joke that didn't fit with the film at all.

Final Thoughts

I enjoyed this movie. It felt like something that could have happened in real life. It was based on a true story so I guess they succeeded in their efforts. My biggest beef was the one main character (portrayed by Aleksander Skarsgård) that was a very strange choice. Balding, overweight, and manic; the character didn't fit with anything else in the film. Maybe it wouldn't have been so bad if the other folks in the theatre weren't laughing every time he was onscreen. Aside from that, the real world stakes were delivered well and the movie didn't fall prey to any major Hollywood tropes like happy endings or super villain bad guys. Not a bad film.