Hellboy (2004)



  • After a portal is opened to another dimension, a creature ends up on earth only to be raised by humans and is trained to fight otherworldly threats.


  • The special effects are great, considering the movie is now fifteen years old.

  • The creatures and costumes are really great looking as well.


  • The plot was pretty thin.

  • Nothing was fleshed out properly.

  • Characters suffered as a result of the poor pacing etc.

Final Thoughts

I've been told about the Hellboy film for a long time and finally decided to give it a go. This was an okay first film in the series but wasn't amazing by any stretch to me. I was definitely excited about the practical special effects and costuming that I saw and did feel like the delivered world with otherworldly creatures and magic was feasible. I wish the film would have fleshed things out more as it felt rushed and didn't quite have the payoff it deserved. I guess I can see the draw that's resulted in the huge fanbase because it is a fun sci-fi action flick, enjoyable enough to finish and follow up with the sequel. One final note is that I wish there was more screen time given to the villain, Rasputin. He could have been great but along with everything else in the film, he was left a shallow, generic, and forgettable character. Shame, really.