Hellboy II: The Golden Army (2008)



  • A fragile truce between the humans and elves is at risk when the elven prince decides to call upon an invincible army to punish the humans for their reckless greed and careless behaviour.


  • This film felt better explained and fleshed out than the first one.

  • The practical effects and costuming were stunning.

  • The elven prince was a far better antagonist than the first film's Rasputin.

  • The denouement had real consequences.


  • A main FBI agent character from the first film is done away with needlessly.

  • The Golden Army never really felt like the threat that it was hyped up to be.

Final Thoughts

I enjoyed the first Hellboy film enough to warrant viewing the second. I don't know of a single conversation I've had about these films where I wasn't told "the second one is better than the first" and after finally watching it, I have to agree with that sentiment. It was fun and after seeing a small and rushed first film, this one felt like it had infinitely more room to breathe. While all the characters were able to be fleshed out more, the imminent threat of a Golden Army felt shallow at best. With the film having a relatively light tone, it never felt like there was any actual stress or tension about an invincible army being used to destroy humanity. Ah well, no movie is perfect.