Cold Pursuit (2019)



  • A man seeks revenge on those that killed his son.


  • The plot was such a small part of why this film was unique and enjoyable.

  • The story moved from generic revenge to absurdist very quickly.

  • The comedy and absurdity was refreshing.

  • The music was quirky and silly, adding to the overall enjoyment.


  • None of the absurdity is explained but is that a bad thing?

Final Thoughts

I went in expecting a generic revenge action film starring generic revenge action film actor Liam Neeson. Instead, I was treated to a film that was so much more. The continued death count was a great way to tie seemingly unrelated plot lines together. I think most of the main players were given at least some backstory, which was a welcome change–even the most generic of characters like the antagonist's henchmen were given at least some motivation. The characters maintaining normalcy as abnormal events made way for absurdity was a fun choice and risky one. Having all the different backstories intertwine was a great payoff. Finally, being able to leave the theatre not quite sure if I'd seen an intentional comedy but still having enjoyed myself was a rare treat. What an absolutely weird film but one I'm glad I watched.