Captain Marvel (2019)



  • On the brink of galactic war, the Kree wage an offensive against the murderous rampage of the Skrull. While the Skrull can shape-shift effortlessly, it would appear that the Kree and their war aren’t what they seem either.


  • Fun throwback to the nineties without being overbearing.

  • Special effects were great, as with most superhero films.

  • Provided backstory to some characters sorely in need of it but...


  • ... That backstory made a joke out of those characters.

  • The main character felt poorly conceived.

  • A generic superhero film that doesn't stand out.

Final Thoughts

It’s fair to say that I love superhero movies. I’ve seen the majority of them and watch them over and over again. I give this movie credit for keeping my love of them going strong, however; it didn’t add anything new. I have to be honest in suggesting that it wasn’t great for me within the superhero genre or outside of it. There’s an unreasonable amount of both negativity and positivity about this movie on the internet and I don’t get it. The wheel wasn’t reinvented and there have been amazing and complex strong female leads throughout time. I guess it's good that people are passionate but I feel this film is a weird choice to ignite that passion. Anyways, I wish the “don’t show emotion” and “I’m a human with emotions” narratives would have been better sussed out because the lead character felt noncommittal to either side and I felt it detracted. I really disliked how Nick Fury was turned into a punchline as well. Otherwise, it was a decent superhero film and worth a big screen viewing.