The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part (2019)



  • There's a threat of invasion challenging the way of life that the Lego characters have come to know and love. It's up to the crew to right the wrongs and bring peace to the Lego world.


  • The soundtrack features a few tracks from Jon Lajoie and he's great.

  • The animation is really good.


  • The plot is not surprisingly weak.

  • Swapping between reality and the Lego world took time away from both plots.

  • Two main characters voiced by Pratt proves to be overkill.

  • The other characters fall to the wayside to provide space for the main two.

Final Thoughts

Sequels are tough nuts to crack. Capturing the magic of a decent first film while expanding and improving on it is always a struggle and I do not envy those in the position of having to do so. This second Lego movie proves how difficult it must be and how the end result sometimes doesn't end up how we want it to. I applaud the effort but the final product simply didn't cut it. Outside of the quirky soundtrack and one over-the-top pun, there was little that I walked away from the movie being pleased about. Ah well, can't win them all.