Green Book (2018)



  • A black musician hires a white driver to escort him on his cross-country jazz tour in the 1950's.


  • The dynamic between the two lead characters is excellent...

  • ... As both of the leads are quite good.

  • The music is really enjoyable.

  • The special effects/camerawork of making the audience believe the lead is actually playing the piano is incredible.

  • Dealing with the racial tensions of the fifties in a lighter sense makes for a less weighty movie, and that's a good thing.


  • Not much.

Final Thoughts

This movie was really good to me. I enjoyed it the whole way through, found myself tapping my foot along with the music of both the soundtrack and the jazz pianist main character. I can see why there are some complaints that a movie like this softened the racial tension to the point of parody, but there's enough serious and heavy movies to fill those shoes. It's a great change to watch a movie that has me leaving the theatre feeling happy. On a final note, the piano playing looked phenomenal. I found myself wondering if the main character was actually playing the piano and while it turns out he didn't, I did read about how much time was spent with him and the person actually playing to ensure it was as believable as possible. The end result definitely paid off. Oh, apparently this movie is up for an academy award if that means anything. It doesn't to me, but I guess to some it does.