How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World (2019)



  • Peace between humans and dragons is becoming more and more difficult to maintain as humans can only really be counted on to ruin everything. This latest film in the series sees the humans that have formed a peaceful union with the dragons trying to find a new place to call home that will keep both safe from the evil humans that wish harm upon them.


  • Animation is great.

  • Plot is basic but performed as well as can be expected.

  • Friendship between dragons and humans really shines through.


  • The antagonist is voiced by an actor that comes and goes with an accent.

  • Friendship being potentially ripped apart by a love interest isn't anything new...

  • ... But it is a bit different when the love is forged by two voiceless dragons.

Final Thoughts

I might have seen the previous two iterations of the How To Train Your Dragon series but I didn't recall doing so at the time of my viewing. As a result, I did a quick internet search to ascertain the plots of them. I feel like (much to its benefit) a person doesn't necessarily have to see the first two films to enjoy the third. The companionship between human and dragon is felt throughout the film and is motivation enough for the plot to play out how it does. Having enjoyed this film, I feel like fans of the series will be satisfied with the way it's wrapped up ... But it's possibly left open to more.