Bird Box (2018)



  • Not unlike another movie released the same year, there's some monsters that cause humans to have to do away with one of their five senses to survive. This time, looking at the monsters will cause most humans to go looney tunes and kill themselves. There's a shelter that people are fleeing to and this film follows a mother taking two children to that shelter.


  • Creating a monster film that doesn't show monsters is a neat premise, having been done by films like Monsters in the past.

  • The loss of a sense is a good one to work with for a thriller suspense film...


  • ... But if the result is really stupid...

  • Walking, running, driving, surviving while blindfolded is really dumb.

  • No explanation is provided as to why some people aren't affected negatively but are rather turned into mindless cult followers.

  • No explanation is provided as to why the birds act as a warning sign.

Final Thoughts

It's cool to try things. You know, there was another movie that did away with a sense and the result was a decent thriller suspense film. This one couldn't quite match pace and instead dropped the ball from the beginning. Making a quiet place isn't the end of the world, but trying to survive in an apocalyptic war zone wearing a blindfold is pretty ludicrous. It was difficult to relate to the main character, as she was needlessly complicated without any backstory. As a result, we get a lady that doesn't give a damn about anyone for most of the film. Completely worth mentioning was how dumb the "Jesus take the wheel" scene on the river was. It was *really* dumb. Not a fan of this film, and I'd pick the other film of the same sensory-deprivation thriller genre any day.