A Quiet Place (2018)



  • Some alien monster creatures are terrorizing the earth in late 2019, early 2020. These things have very acute hearing and as a result, survivors have to be dead quiet or else end up dead. The film follows a family for a little less than two years.


  • Thriller aspects were done really well, complete with jumps and scares.

  • One plot point in particular wasn't predicted at all, which is a nice change.

  • Soundtrack was minimal when required, intense as needed.

  • Monsters sounding a bit like the Predator was cool.


  • Monsters looked dumb. Weird facial flexing didn't make any sense.

  • Plot had a few issues that felt lazy and contrived.

  • Neil Young sucks.

Final Thoughts

I enjoyed this movie far more than expected. It wasn't scary just to be scary, which I liked. A loud crash or accentuated orchestral boom to shock the audience is lame and overdone. Instead, a slow-brewed intense thriller kept building intensity at a pretty even pace. A couple plot points stood out that really worked both for and against the film. An important death within the first five mins was not expected at all and that was an exciting change. However, the laziness of both parents when it came to ensuring their three children were quiet, safe, and looked after was aggravating. From removing batteries in a noise-producing toy but not keeping said batteries out of the children's reach to letting one of their children wander off while "I was doing some laundry" is pretty ridiculous. On top of that, the irresponsibility of the parents to bring another child into a world with the monsters wasn't very well planned, I don't feel. The whole "nail" scenario would be on my list of things that irked me. It was pretty dumb to not see what could have caught the laundry bag. Anyways, it was overall a pretty decent film and I didn't let a few small issues ruin the experience for me. After all, no movie is perfect. Except for Back To The Future - it's perfect.