Aquaman (2018)



  • There's a war brewing between the land and sea dwellers. The Queen of Atlantis has broken her arranged marriage vows and helped to create a half-breed on land. Can this half-breed unite the sea and land before it's too late and all hell breaks loose?


  • Arthur Curry has a nonchalant attitude throughout most of the movie, which is a welcome change to the regular gallant and chivalrous hero type.

  • Special effects are quite stunning, with life under the sea never falling prey to drab or boring.


  • LOTS of generic movie tropes throughout. I guess that comes with the origin/hero story territory but still. If you've seen one...

  • Any external conflict takes a back seat to the development of Arthur Curry into the Aquaman hero.

  • The movie was really bloody long and dragged at points.

Final Thoughts

Another superhero movie. Pretty decent fare as far as DC goes. I liked seeing Temuera Gibson and couldn't help but imagine Jango Fett the entire time. Nicole Kidman was an interesting choice for the Queen of Atlantis and her fight scene within the first ten mins crushed some serious ass. I hope that we see Arthur Curry in a less predictable adventure next time since most of this movie was spent fleshing out his character and origin. At this point, I'm pretty tired of origin stories but watch me backpedal on that as we get closer to Captain Marvel. Finally, it was great to see Dolph Lundgren getting some A-movie screen time. Anyways, definite summer blockbuster material in December. Worth a watch but be sure to go to the bathroom first as the movie is long and there's a lot of water to subconsciously mess with your bladder.