Mary Poppins Returns (2018)



  • Looks like there's some trouble with the next generation of Banks children and only the mystical, magical, utterly fantastical Mary Poppins can save the day.


  • Broadway-style musical presentation on-screen works.

  • Music was catchy and paid homage to the previous film.

  • Special effects and animation were top-notch.


  • Mr. Dawes Jr. was difficult to understand when he spoke.

Final Thoughts

There's not much that went wrong with this film. It had the silly and fun feel of the first Mary Poppins film that moviegoers should appreciate. I'm unsure if any of the songs will be cemented in the playlist of a generation, but there's something to be said about this film trying to stand on its own without any more than a wink or nudge to the original.The animation felt like an homage to older Disney films and I really liked that. I guess the only actual complaint from me concerns the shit-eating grin Lin-Manuel Miranda had in every single scene he was in. Seriously, bud; we get it. You're in a Mary Poppins movie. It was almost as bad as Dennis Quaid's obvious grin as General Hawk in the G.I.Joe film. Bloody ridiculous. Anyways, take the kids to see it. Leave expectation and troubles at the door and enjoy yourselves for a couple hours.