Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse (2018)



  • A new Spider-Man must save multiple universes with the help of other persons bitten by radioactive arachnids.


  • The animation was really well done in most spots.

  • The blend of animation styles (including comic framing) was ace.

  • The actors chosen to voice the characters were spot-on.

  • Jake Johnson gets special credit for being a wonderfully haggard Peter Parker.

  • Chris Pine singing Spidey-themed Christmas songs is over-the-top.


  • The animation got a little annoying in some spots.

  • It was clear the film was animated with 3D in mind. No thanks.

Final Thoughts

This animated movie was awesome. It had heart, wow, fun, a bit of drama, and had material that would appeal to any age group. I did get a bit tired of the popping animation at points, but it could very well appeal to others. About damned time that Peter Parker shared the stage with Miles Morales and I look forward to seeing a follow-up.