Mortal Engines (2018)



  • There's mechanized mobile cities built out of the ruins of a "sixty minute war" involving super weapons. "London", one of these mechanized cities, finds ancient technology to build one of these weapons. There's an ensuing battle between "London" and a "land-built" city over resources. I think that covers it.


  • There's not many.

  • I guess the special effects were pretty cool.


  • The characters were particularly bland and boring.

  • Trying to fill a book into a couple hours means a lot gets left out.

  • There were far too many generic tropes.

Final Thoughts

I don't get it. Why would a dumb sounding book about a guy controlling a mechanized mobile city to fight against a land city for resources make it to the big screen? That those resources are mentioned once or twice with zero backstory, detail, or payoff doesn't help. Add to it that the motivation of all the characters is thin at best and bloody awful at worst. There's a few subtle nods to romantic ties between the characters but those don't even pan out. I got to see a pre-screening of the film so I can't complain about the money I wasted but that won't stop me from telling everyone to steer clear and save theirs.