Hunter Killer (2018)



There’s a surprising amount to unpack for a two hour movie, but here's a really short summary. A disillusioned Russian General attempts to start a world war, playing America and Russia against each other. Add in espionage, spy tactics, coup d’état, and some submarines. I guess a Hunter Killer is a type of submarine class in the American navy, hence the clever title of the film.


  • Film handled several plots without becoming bloated or confusing.

  • Surprisingly little bravado from male characters.

  • Movie was engaging without being hokey or cheesy.


  • Special effects weren't stellar.

  • Individual stories were light on details.

Final Thoughts

I’m not generally a war movie kind of guy, but after playing Ghost Recon Wildlands for the past year plus, I can see why people do enjoy fictionalized versions of. This movie didn’t break the mould but it told a decent story and never got too overplayed or excessive. For what it is, I enjoyed it and think fans of the genre really would as well. As a final note, I’ve never seen Hunt For Red October to draw any comparisons and didn't see this film in hopes of doing so.