A Star Is Born (2018)



A famous musician and a not-so-famous musician fall in love fast and hard. Their romance opens doors for her while all the doors are seemingly closing on him.


  • Performances were great from the entire cast.

  • Jackson Maine's music was top-notch singer-songwriter material.


  • The ending didn't feel properly motivated.

  • Jackson Maine's self-destruction was lost on me.

  • Ally Maine's pop music was as awful as should be expected.

Final Thoughts

I did enjoy most of the film, a lot. The pacing felt mostly good and the visuals were great. What didn't work for me was the downward spiral of the main character that resulted in him hanging himself in the garage. I guess I was too caught up in the music and the interplay between Jackson and Ally to really feel like the former had gotten so bad as to kill himself. I don't get it but can enjoy other aspects of the film enough to let me gloss over this. On a final note, Ally randomly singing to Jackson in a parking lot was super weird and out of place. I laughed out loud because of how ridiculous the premise was.