A Wrinkle In Time (2018)



  • A group of children travel the universe to find their missing father.


  • The film played with light and dark particularly well. Colours and grey tones were used to really showcase light versus dark.


  • The plot really didn't make any sense.

  • There was an abhorrent lack of science to go along with the film.

  • Clichés like "love is the answer" and "do you trust me" were only a few examples of a plagued script.

  • Wooden acting from the cast in most of the film made it slow-moving.

  • The special effects ranged from "amazing" with the vibrant scenery to "awful" with the weird leaf creature.

Final Thoughts

I remember reading the book as a child and remember it fondly. I recall being overjoyed when I discovered that there were more books in the series and was able to read them as well. I chose to not read the books as an adult so that seeing the film wouldn't be tainted. I don't think reading the books would have made a lick of difference because the film couldn't find its own two legs to stand on regardless. I don't know of anything that could have saved what I was watching. Everything, despite the great use of light and vibrant versus dark and gloomy, was wasted with this film. I can easily say I am not a fan and feel like it really missed its mark.