The Predator (2018)



  • A group of soldiers and a scientist must deal with yet another visit from a predator.


  • Acknowledgement of other Predator films makes this one feel more grand in scope.

  • Running gag about "predator versus sport hunter" is good for laughs.

  • Humour in general keeps the film from getting too dark.

  • Effects are pretty good and damn if that glowing green predator blood isn't cool.

  • The throwback soundtrack was awesome.


  • The twist of the film wasn't focused on enough, but it's clearly because this is an attempt to make an ongoing series.

  • The scientist character sure acts like an action star, despite being a nerdy scientist...

  • Why wasn't Yvonne Strahovski in it more? Maybe in the next one...

Final Thoughts

Pretty fun action movie, but in a somewhat toned-down Shane Black style. Humour throughout, some cool stunts, some witty repartee between cast members. I hope if the series continues, the studio lets Black run a little more wild, as this one felt a bit safe. Wasn't quite up to the usual Shane Black caliber but definitely on par for a Predator film, so it's a trade-off. I'd pay to see a follow-up for sure.