Hello, My Name Is Doris (2015)



  • An older woman develops a crush on a younger man and the film explores that.


  • Sally Field plays a great main character, both cute and quirky.

  • Max Greenfield is Schmidt in everything he's in and that is a great thing.


  • The show didn't really tackle the main character's hoarding or the death of her mother. Could have added some more depth.

Final Thoughts

I like quirky romantic comedies like this. In this case, the "will they, won't they" of an older woman and much younger man was charming and fun. I chuckled out loud a few times. The fantasy sequences were great and the supporting cast (specifically on Doris' side of things) was ace. Cute little movie, and worth my time. Just to reiterate, even though Greenfield is always great. I wish I had a pal like Schmidt in my life.