Peppermint (2018)



  • A lady gets revenge on a drug cartel that killed her husband and daughter.


  • The character plot twist was unforeseen. I knew it was coming, but put my money on the wrong horse, so to speak.


  • It felt over the top like Taken and John Wick, but was less fun.

  • The protagonist took a very catty turn to exact revenge on another mom that wasn't very nice in a parking lot.

  • No character felt interesting. Generic tropes galore.

Final Thoughts

We've all seen this movie a dozen times now. Generic revenge flick at best. What this one lacked was the style and fun that others pull off. The main character kept seeing her dead kid which made it feel like a PSA for mental illness. Shitty things kept happening at the carnival which is a PSA for how creepy carnivals are. The highlight for me was when the main character made an active decision to buckle up her seatbelt when driving away from an exploding warehouse in a stolen vehicle. That's a dedication to car safety. Overall, kind of a dud and I'd pick John Wick any day of the week.