The Meg (2018)



  • A prehistoric shark is found to not be extinct and decides to go head-to-head with Jason Statham. Dumb move, shark.


  • Special effects were good.

  • Movie didn't take itself too seriously. A few laughs along the way.

  • Avoid a few movie tropes of this genre. The only black guy on the crew survived!


  • It wasn't nearly as cheesy as I hoped.

  • Fell into other movie tropes like of course having a bigger shark than the first shark that everyone thought was the biggest shark.

  • a PG rating meant it wasn't nearly as over-the-top with mauling and such. It was actually very tame.

Final Thoughts

I dunno. I feel like I've seen this movie before but other times it's had more camp and b-movie entertainment value. It was an okay movie and anyone that's afraid of sharks, water, or enclosed spaces probably should avoid it. Otherwise, good enough summer blockbuster fun for this guy.