The Equalizer 2 (2018)



  • An ex-special forces member is drawn into a game of revenge when his old handler is murdered.


  • Denzel is pretty decent if you like the character he seems to play in every movie.


  • Plot was bland, predictable, and done in basically every Steven Seagal movie before it.

  • Graphic violence was unnecessary, didn’t add to the experience whatsoever.

  • Antagonists couldn’t keep up with Denzel despite all involved having the same special ops training.

  • The super-invincible protagonist is apparently above legal scrutiny as no mention is made of how he operates outside the law.

Final Thoughts

I’m all for trashy b-grade movies. I’ve seen far too many Seagal films and have a sweet spot for Nic Cage. This one was a miss for me because it felt like everyone involved was trying to dupe the viewers. Having an a-list in a shitty movie doesn’t make the movie magically work and this is a prime example. I didn’t see the first one but caught up rather quickly and kind of wish I didn’t see the second one even if it was a free sneak peek.