Can the Oscars be fixed?

Like most movie buffs, I have a complicated relationship with the Oscars. It can be easy to write it off as a meaningless popularity contest, but the feeling of sheer joy that comes when a movie you love takes home one of the major awards can be difficult to deny. But I don't want to talk about the validity of the awards today. No, I want to talk about the Awards Ceremony itself and if there is any way to make it even remotely watchable.The Academy Awards is the reason that your PVR asks if you want to set extra time for live recordings. Last night the awards ran almost an hour longer than they were supposed to, and that's a regular occurrence. How is it possible that an event that has that much time and money poured into can possibly be that off-schedule year after year?An even better question is: Knowing that the show is definitely going to run long, why does the academy feel that need to include meaningless filler year after year? I appreciate having segments between the awards to give each Ceremony its own unique feel as well as giving each host an opportunity to shine, but in a show as bloated as the oscars, I often find myself asking why we are spending 10 minutes watching Jimmy Kimmel trying to yell jokes over a theatre full of rowdy movie goers.Another Oscar tradition that can end up adding a lot of time is the live performances of the nominees for Best Original Song. It's fun if you know the song, but if you haven't seen the movie I find that they rarely stand out on their own. So you are watching 5 performances and are only likely to enjoy maybe half at most. That's at least 10-15 minutes of airtime that most people are simply using to check their phones.The only remaining option I can see to cut out of the show are some of the technical awards that air earlier in the night. Most people don't even fully understand what is being evaluated in each category (myself included) and the people giving acceptance speeches are not celebrities, making their speeches a bit dull.Now I'd look to look at how realistic each of these changes are. Right away, I would say that the skits and songs are very unlikely to go anywhere since they are really they only thing that give the Oscars and sense of energy. Without those two things the show would literally just be lame banter between two celebrities followed by an award over and over again. Even if the show was an hour and a half shorter without the skits and songs, then it would still be unwatchable due to the lack of variety.On the other hand, cutting down on the technical awards seems more and more likely to me with each passing year. If you look at the Grammys, which I would personally say is much more enjoyable than the Oscars, they have way more performances than awards and the show benefits greatly from that. The Grammys are fun, and having less awards to give out allows them to be more fun. While I personally enjoy the technical awards and the opportunity they provide to showcase movies that would never win any major awards (such as sci-fi and action movies), cutting them does seem like the best way to make room for more skits and performances, which would help the stuffy Oscars feel more like the fun Grammys.So what would my perfect solution be? I'd like to take the technical awards and split them into their own separate televised event. This technical Oscars could focus more on science fiction, horror and summer blockbusters and would allow the academy to remain relevant while still preserving the classic Oscars in the main televised event. I think two separate 2 1/2 hour awards shows that are separated by a week seems a lot more manageable than the 4 hour version they have now. I would like to see more in depth segments on each of the major nominees; essentially blu-ray featurettes only specifically made for the Oscars.I do think some version of this will happen. The question is, will the Oscars split themselves or will a challenger rise to claim the title of Blockbuster awards show? The MTV movie awards are already a strong contender, but I feel like they need to take their awards a bit more seriously if they ever want to compete with the Oscars for respect.I do think that there is a problem with the Oscars that needs to be addressed. It's far longer than it needs to be and every year I find it harder and harder to come back and watch. But I keep watching, and I'll probably keep watching and complaining until changes are made. Please Oscar!