An alternate guide to romance and romcoms - part 2

Back into it, part two!11.)Bull Durham (1988).  Kevin Costner and Susan Sarandon star in this romcom that revolves around a minor league baseball team.  A VERY young Tim Robbins stars as the young, new pitcher whose fastball has lost its way and he has to find out how to get him mind off of it.  Why not use your mind to think about doing things to Susan Sarandon?  I'm for it.  Romance: 6/10.  A budding romance throughout, but the comedy is more prevalent than romance.  Comedy: 8/10.  Kevin Costner is the man and has weirdly great comedic timing.  Rewatch Value: 8/10.  I don't even know how often I've seen this movie, but it's super fun and I could watch it a bunch more.12.)Coming to America (1988).  Eddie Murphy in his hay day alongside Arsenio Hall starring as a prince and his cohort respectively coming to America to find love? Good lord how can this go wrong?! Add James Earl Jones, John Amos, Louie Anderson, Samuel L. Jackson and  VERY young Cuba Gooding Jr. and you get a movie that hits the mark every time.  Romance: 6/10.  Similar to Durham, it's go good romance, but comedy takes the forefront for sure.  Comedy: 8/10.  Remember when Eddie Murphy was funny?  This is pique Murphy crushing every line.  Rewatch Value: 8/10.  On comedy value alone you could watch this, with everything else it's a blast through and through.13.) Jerry Maguire (1996).  I mean... I had to.  This movie showed me the romance! (sorry) But Tom Cruise absolutely destroys in this Cameron Crowe movie about a sports agent who basically goes crazy and tries to succeed after the fact.  Costarring in the movie are Cuba Gooding Jr., Renee Zellwegger, Kelly Preston (yowza) and the fat kid from Stand by Me himself, Jerry O'Connell.  Great watch, lots of fun, love Tom Cruise more than I should.  Romance: 7/10.  I mean, it's not really the most romantic movie traditionally, but it certainly has some good parts.  Alongside the man/woman romance, you also get a pretty good bromance (sorry again) between Cruise and Gooding.  One line to rule them all guys... "you had me at hello." Fucking hell.  Comedy: 6/10.  Not a lot of comedy in this movie outright, but a lot of subtlety, as is customary for Crowe's movies. Rewatch Value: 8/10.  As with every Cameron Crowe movie you have a movie that you can come back to over and over again.14.) Win a date with Tad Hamilton (2004). Sorry Topher Grace, I gotta go with Josh Duhamel.  How could I not?  Have you seen hose abs?  Sure, you're the safe choice than recognizes the 7 different smiles Kate Bosworth has, but Josh Duhamel is the man.  As the title says, it's a movie where Kate Bosworth wins a date and falls for a guy, but maybe the wrong guy?  Who can say?  I can, she was right to pick Topher Grace, because I am gonna take Josh Duhamel.  Not even gay, but I'll do it! Romance: 7/10.  Some really good lines and scenes. Topher Grace doesn't get the red he should in my mind.  Comedy: 7/10.  Similar with romance, yikesabee it's a fun movie.  Rewatch Value:  7/10.  Just a solid movie that I think people should watch more and talk about more.15.  My best friends girl (2008).  Rounding out the top 15 is the Dane Cook romcom My best friends girl.  I almost forgot to put this one on, then realized I wanted to save it for the end....yeah, let's go with that.  Dane Cook, Jason Biggs, Kate Hudson, Lizzy Caplan and Alec Baldwin bring together this fantastic romp about Tank (Cook) basically stealing the girl his best friend (Biggs) likes (Hudson).  A ridiculous comedy with a whole bunch of hilarity.  Comedy: 8/10.  So many funny parts in this, it's peak Dane Cook, so it was pretty funny.  Romance: 7/10.  Some good romance, but not an amazing amount, ends on a happy note.  Rewatch Value: 8/10.  My brother and I walked out of another movie (Nick and Norah's infinite playlist) to watch this movie for the third time in maybe a week at the theatre.  Love this movie. That's all I'm doing for now, but there are a whole bunch of great movies on here, maybe some can give you something to do with your time, maybe help you get that person you're looking for, or at least get a laugh or three!