Zach's Doctor Strange Review

It's finally here true believers, the final superhero movie of 2016. We've marvelled at mercs with mouths, gasped as Batmen v-ed Supermen, missed seeing Apocalypses (that one mostly applied to me), and Civil War and Suicide Squad came out too. So many movies I couldn't even come up with stupid jokes about all of them!The final cape flick of the year stars Benedict Cumberbatch as the eponymous Doctor Strange. The film details how the arrogant Strange went from world class surgeon to car crash victim to world class sorcerer, as he is forced to save the world from the villainous Mads Mikkelson (who has a character name but it's complicated and it honestly would have made no difference if the character had been named Mads Mikkelson so I'm just gonna call him Mads).The movie is... fine. It's a perfectly serviceable Doctor Strange origin movie. Strange's transition from outright jerk to well-meaning jerk is believable and I found Cumberbatch to be very charming overall. We get a solid introduction to Strange's supporting cast as Wong, Mordo and The Ancient One all featuring heavily in the movie. The focus on Strange's magical items, such as the cloak of levitation and the eye of agamotto, also feel like a refreshing change to the usual superhero gear. The few moments of comedy feature the cloak are some of the highlights of the film.So what's my problem? Number one is that the movie simple felt safe. It's similar to Iron Man 1 in a lot of pretty obvious ways (jerk becomes nice because of superpowers.) Strange and Iron Man have always been pretty similar in personality and origin, so it makes me question if giving Strange an entire movie of setup was entirely necessary. I get wanting to intro magic as a new element in the Marvel universe, but i would have preferred Strange being introduced in another movie, like Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver.The movie also felt a bit underwritten, especially in how it balanced the characters. I felt like I had barely gotten to know Mordo, The Ancient One or Rachel McAdams' character Christine so when it came time for each of them to have pivotal moments in the film, they came off feeling hollow rather than earned. Mads is also an incredibly one-note villain, joining Yellowjacket and Maleketh on the pantheon of incredibly boring marvel villains.I would like to say that I very much enjoyed that the resolution of the film was not a big CGI fight. I won't give anything away, but it felt very true to the tone of Doctor Strange. Overall I can't really say I'd recommend Doctor Strange, at least bit strongly. It's beautiful, has a great cast, good action and some fun moments but I can't see myself watching it again. Overall a lesser marvel movie, meaning it's still decent.