Zach's Suicide Squad Review + Behind The Scenes Gossip

Wasted opportunity. That's the only way to describe David Ayer's Suicide Squad. It's a movie with a dynamite cast, amazing visuals and a homerun concept that falls completely flat on its face. The movie feels like it was made by a committee, and from the reports online it seems like this is basically true.If you haven't read the rumours I'll quickly summarize. The first Suicide Squad trailer, the one with all the jokes and the Guardians of the Galaxy inspired soundtrack, comes out and everyone loves it. WB freaks out because that trailer isn't really anything like the current cut of the movie. The line that kept being repeated by all the news sites was that all of the jokes in the movie were already in that first trailer, and whether that's true or not, it certainly seems true that David Ayer's original cut was significantly darker, didn't feature the frequent pop songs and involved the Joker much more heavily.So WB calls for reshoots. Early reports stated that the reshoots were to add humour, but Ayer himself denied this and said that the studio loved the movie and asked if he wanted another action sequence. So take your pick really. After that Ayer made his grittier cut and supposedly WB went to the same company that made the first trailer to do a separate cut of the movie. WB then tested both cuts and combined the best elements of the two to get the movie that was released.Take all of this with a grain of salt obviously, but it would certainly explain the choppy nature of the film as well as the overuse and overall strange placement of popular songs. Something that kept striking me as odd during the movie was how the action sequences had a score and regular scenes would have a badass soundtrack. The interesting thing will be whether this gamble pays off. Don't get me wrong, Suicide Squad is a bad movie, but I don't think it's necessarily bad enough to be offputting to the average moviegoing audience. Even though the movie is a mess, it is still basically what the trailers promised and I think still has a solid chance at being a sizeable hit. Would Ayer's original cut have been as financially successful? It almost certainly would have been better reviews, but bad reviews don't really keep people away from movies that they already want to see. I just think it interesting that was unquestionably a bad artistic decision may end up being a good business decision. To win me over they need to release Ayer's cut on blu-ray, then I'll be fine.Rapid-fire thoughts on the movie itself: loved Joker, Harley and Batman, Will Smith stole the show, Boomerang was great but needed more screentime.The biggest sin of the movie is that the plot gets a lot of focus when it is incredibly dull. As you can see by the content of this post, the behind the scenes story is much more interesting to me than the movie itself. I'd recommend watching it, but only because I'm a shameless DC fanboy who wants it to make a billion dollars, so the next one can be good.