PS4 Roundup aka A Bunch Of Stuff That I've Been Playing Recently

Rebel GalaxyHave you ever watched Firefly and thought to yourself "I wish this was a game"? Well congrats treasured reader, your dream has come true. Are you a genie? If you are, you have to tell me. It's entrapment!rebel1Rebel Galaxy is a space simulator where you take command of a ship and set out to make your mark on the Universe. The map is expansive and you have lots of different options to make money: trading, mining, bounty hunting or even good old fashioned piracy.rebel2The gameplay is solid and the combat is fast paced while still feeling very strategic. You cannot move up and down, which allows the game to focus on naval-style combat featuring cannons on the sides of ships. The game encourages taking side missions and constantly upgrading you're ship and after playing for 4 hours I've yet to even leave the first Galaxy.rebel3It's certainly not a game for everyone, as it requires quite a bit of micromanagement which can be offputting to people looking for a more casual fast-paced experience. But if you are someone who enjoys trading resources and exploring the outer reaches of the universe one station at a time I would highly recommend it. As an added bonus: PS+ members can download it for free during the month of August.Tricky TowersI love Tetris. Tetris is a classic game. So understand that when I say that Tricky Towers is the inheritor of the Tetris mantle, it's not something I take lightly. Tricky Towers takes the Tetris pieces and gameplay that we all know and love and adds two major improvements: multiplayer modes and a physics engine.tricky1I'll get back to the multiplayer in a second, but I want to focus on the physics engine first. What this means is that the blocks will behave like they would in real life; they tip over rather than snapping into place like they do in Tetris. This means that a false move can make your entire round drastically more difficult, since Tricky Towers focuses on building sturdy structures as opposed to clearing lines. A slanted surface is much harder to build on that a flat one, and this added layer to the game really helps the Tetris formula feel fresh.tricky2The multiplayer modes are the other great addition. There are three different types: Race, Survival and Puzzle. Race has the opponents trying to build a tower up to a certain point before the other players get there first. Survival gives the players three hearts and a set number of bricks to put down. Each time a brick falls, you lose a heart. Last person standing/first person to finish their blocks is the winner. Puzzle has players trying to stack as many pieces as they can under a line. The modes also feature magic which can be used to help build your structure (strengthening bonds between blocks) or hurt your opponents (giving them pieces made of ice or obscuring there vision with fog). The games can get quite frantic and I will you definitely recommend it solely as a party game.tricky3There are single player trials as well as online play. This is the other free PS+ game this month and I'd say it's worth downloading even if you only ever play it when you have company over