Game Of Thrones - "The Red Woman"

Greetings Stoneboys and Girls. Game of Thrones returns with a relatively slow episode that lets us know where all of the remaining characters are at, both geographically and emotionally. I don't think it will be making anyone's top ten list, but it was still enjoyable and gave us at least one major reveal.Let's deal with the big question right off the bat: is Jon Snow deadsville?  The answer: so far, yesville. I'm not convinced we've seen the last of Jon, but he was definitely a corpse this episode. I guess it remains to be seen if he's only mostly dead, but no signs of resurrection yet.Not yet bud, you take fiveLeft to deal with the repercussions of Jon's murder is Ser Davros, aka The Onion Knight, who joins forces with a small band of crows who support Jon. Together, they hold Jon's body in a room while one of them goes to get the wildlings Jon helped last season for support. The Onion Knight has a fun scene where he talks to Ser Alliser, one of the men that killed Jon, through the door and is completely civil while making it entirely clear that he is not going to do anything that Alliser wants. Ser Davros is one of my favorite characters, so it's great to see him front and centre somewhere as important as The Wall. I loved Stannis and all, but him and his storyline always felt very separate from everything else that was going on. I guess as people keep dying, the storylines will only continue to condense.Up next is the duo that everyone loves to torment: Sansa and Reek. The two runaways are basically freezing to death as they try to escape Ramsay's men. Reek proves that he's a pretty decent guy by trying to lead the hounds away from Sansa, but fails spectacularly. I was a little worried that Reek was going to regain some loyalty to Ramsay and eventually betray Sansa, and I'm glad to see that this doesn't seem to be the case. Luckily for the runaways, Brienne and Podric happen upon them and quickly slaughter all of Ramsay's men. Even Podric gets a guy or two, proving that Sansa is truly the last character is Game of Thrones who doesn't know how to fight. Brienne swears her loyalty to Sansa and presumably they head off to the wall to find Jon. We see a little bit of King's Landing this episode. We briefly see Marjorie, who is still locked up by the Sparrows. My suspicion is that their brainwashing techniques will work better on her than they did with Cersei and we may see Marjorie return as a villain. Speaking of  the Lannisters, Cersei is very excited to see Jamie's boat coming home. The subtle transition on her face when she realizes that her daughter Myrcella (Thank god she's dead and I don't have to remember that stupid spelling) is not on the boat with Jamie is heartbreaking. Lena Heady has possibly become my favorite actor in the show and it's really amazing how much depth she has brought to woman that seemed like a complete monster in season one. The same can be said of Jamie Lannister, the Boy-Paralyzer. The sibling/lovers reunion was my favorite part of the episode, as Cersei falls into despair over losing another child and Jamie assures her that they will have their revenge on those that have wronged them. I can't believe I'm saying this but: GO LANNISTERS!redw2Across the narrow sea, Daenerys (let's just call her Dani from now on, for my sake) is deep in Dothraki country and things aren't going well. It's nice to see Dani in a powerless position, since so much of her in the last few seasons has been dealing with ruler problems. Here we get to see her literally fighting to survive and  we get a reminder of just how clever and determined she can be. To save herself, she is forced to reveal that she is the widow of a Khal which guarantees her protection, but also means she is to be taken to the Dothraki's holy place to live out the rest of her days with the other widows of former Khals. Jorrah and the other guy (I'll look up his name for an episode where he does something) are hot on their trail though, and I'm hoping to see a daring rescue. The Dothraki are objectively awesome, so no complaints about seeing more of them and their culture.Back in Mereen, the city that Dani rules, Tyrion and Varys have disguised themselves as merchants in order to walk the streets and get an accurate sense of what is happening in the city. What  they see isn't exactly reassuring: a growing resentment towards their queen, a rise in the popularity of a preacher for the Lord of Light, and a roaring blaze destroying much of the city. Seems like the Former Hand and the Spider have their work cut out for them, and I'm really looking forward to seeing this story play out. Tyrion ruling King's Landing in season 2 is still one of my favorite parts of the show, so hopefully this can live up to that level of political drama.redw3Finally, we see Arya on the streets of Bravos (presumably, can't imagine a blind girl would go far) begging for change. The girl from the temple of the Faceless Men shows up, throws a stick at her and proceeds the beat the living daylights out of Arya. She then leaves, explaining that she'll be back tomorrow. Arya: Blind Assassin, sounds pretty awesome so colour me intrigued.That's all for this we- OH AND THE RED WOMAN TOOK OFF HER NECKLACE AND AGED LIKE A HUNDRED YEARS! So I guess she's really old, which is interesting. I wonder if she knew the Targaryns, which could lead to some reveals. Even though it was clear that the Red Woman had some real power, I always thought it seemed like she was at least somewhat making it up as she went along. This reveal implies to me that she knows quite a bit more than she is letting on, but I guess we'll have to wait and see.Overall, I found this to be a strong start to the season.