Movie marathon Day 10: This is Spinal Tap

Starring:  Michael McKean, Harry Shearer, Christopher Guest, Rob ReinerPlot: a 100% true to life documentary about the greatest rock band of all time, Spinal Tap.Review:  This movie was made the same year I was born and I must say it turned itself to 11 right off the bat.  I used to really love this movie, I still do, but it's not a movie that one can watch all the time.  It's a funny flick that tells a mocking life of the three members (that people care about) of Spinal Tap.Top scenes in the movie:3.) Nigel playing "lick my love pump"2.) the classic stonehenge scene with an 18 inch tall rock formation1.) the iconic "these go to 11" scene.It is approximately a once every 5 years movie for me, just because I need time to forget all the stuff and don't wanna be quoting it throughout.A really short review for this, but I mean, if you like comedies and weird ass rock music, give it a go.