Movie Marathon Day 8: Trainspotting

Starring:  Ewan McGregor, Ewen Bremner, Jonny Lee Miller,  Robert Carlyle, Kevin McKiddPlot: A tale of Renton, a heroin addict trying to get clean, while having friends that keep dragging him down.Review:  Going back to this movie was a bit tough for me, not because I don't like it (it's great), but because they are making a sequel twenty years after the fact.  Spoiler for the end, he finally makes the choice to get clean and steals money from his friends for his bright future.  But from what I could gather thus far, everyone is in the second movie as well, which is weird if they're heroin addicts.  Five people that are all friends survive for 20 years, most of them likely coming back into the addict life through the years?  That's a pretty impressive thing to me.That being said I do really enjoy this movie, it was one of the more bold and memorable movies of the 90's for me, especially where drugs and narcotics are concerned.  For me, the only other movies that are as interesting with such subjects are Fear and Loathing in las Vegas, Half Baked and (my personal favourite of the four) SLC punk.  They're are obviously others that are pretty impressive and everyone has their own choices, these are simply mine.Having never done heroin in my life, I think that this movie portrays the effects decently well while staying within the boundaries of being a movie made for the masses.  McGregor trying to come clean in that hotel room and going slightly mad is a pretty impressive scene to me.I will say that every single scene with Robert Carlyle in it is amazing.  The amount of times he says the big C blows my mind, it just rolls off his tongue, it's amazing.At the same time, I absolutely love Jonny Lee Miller, I think he's phenomenal and I've loved him since Hackers.The baby scene freaks me the hell out, even to this day.  I mean, it's clearly a fake baby, but it still looks real enough for me to get shivers every single time.  Then the scene with it walking across the roof?  Are you kidding me?!  I'm out.There's a lot of dialogue in the movie, much of it relevant, much of it involving absolutely nothing, it's weirdly like Seinfeld to me, just with a lot of hard drugs.Oh man, I had forgotten about him climbing into the toilet, holy crap that was ridiculous!The make up in the movie is done really well, it's interesting to see the colour of all of their faces go up and down when they are and are not high respectively.While skeptical as to if a 20 year awaited sequel will tarnish this, I love this movie.  It's an addiction I don't mind going back to again and again.