Movie Marathon Day 4: The Bill & Ted Odyssey

Starring:  Keanu Reeves, Alex Winter, George Carlin, William Sadler (Bogus Journey), Pam Grier (Bogus Journey)Plot:  Bill and Ted are Wyld Stallyns, a crappy band in the present, but a band that makes a Utopian society in the future, provided they can pass high school history!Review:  Half of these two movies are good.  Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure (released in 1989) was done pretty well and watching it almost 30 years later brought back a lot of memories, made me smile a good couple times.  Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey (released in 1991) however, was a rough ride until there were about six minutes remaining when Wyld Stallyns take the stage (complete with Death and Station) to give the ballad God gave rock n' roll to you, which sounded VERY much like the KISS version (originally done by Argent in 1973, perfected by Wyld Stallyns).The first has Bill S Preston, Esquire and Ted Theodore Logan failing history when Rufus, a totally gnarly dude, comes from the future to tell them that they're essentially the rulers of the future and if they fail history the future will be ruined. A decent amount of hilarity ensues as they travel through time to different eras and kidnap famous people from history to help them write a speech that will pass or fail them.  Notables include Joan of Arc, Billy the Kid and Ziggy Piggy himself Napeloean Bonaparte, all of whom help the guys pass their class.  Throughout the movie the phrase "Be excellent to each other" is thrown around, it's the motto of the future where Bill and Ted run things, which is very interesting indeed.The second has Chuck De Nomolos (played by Joss Ackland, the skate sharpening guy in Mighty Ducks) steal a time machine and go back to when Bill and Ted are in their 20's to try and kill them, because he detests the idea of a Utopian society (weird).  M Night Shyamalan twist to this one though, he succeeds in killing them and their journey is literally through heaven and hell to get back and "save the babes".  This one hits basically all the same beats, but has William Sadler as the horseman Death and he's awesome, also plays a stand up bass *thumbs up*.  Really the only saving graces of this movie are Death and the rendition of the aforementioned song.I mean, if you're gonna watch them both, just be prepared for a poor taste in your mouth after the second one, following an awesome taste in your mouth from the first.  I am also well aware of the double entendres I used, deal with it.San Dimas High School Football rules!