The Brothers Grimsby

The Brothers Grimsby is the latest film from Sacha Baron Cohen, the identity thief of comedy. There are two important facts you need to know about The Brothers Grimsby before we get started: #1 It is officially a failure both financially and critically.#2 I absolutely loved it.  Cohen stars as Nobby, a beer swilling soccer hooligan who lives in the small English town of Grimsby. Nobby is a devoted family man with a dozen kids and a loving relationship with his girlfriend, played by Rebel Wilson. The only thing Nobby is missing is his younger brother Sebastian, who he lost contact with almost 30 years ago.We soon learn than Sebastian, played by Mark Strong, is a James Bond-style secret agent who is in London on a mission to stop a nefarious plot. Nobby learns that his brother has resurfaced and in trying to reunite with his family sets off a wacky chain of events that leads to a buddy spy comedy mixed with Sacha Baron Cohen's distinctive brand of clever yet disgusting humour.This movie had me absolutely howling with laughter in the theatre. The plot is very thin as mainly serves as set-ups for deconstructions of the spy genre. Instead of focusing on plot, the film delivers laughs and instead gives narrative focus to the relationship of the two brothers, which was surprisingly sweet. There is also some pretty decent action in the movie, particularly a POV scene feature Mark Strong at the start of the movie.Strong and Cohen both give excellent performances. Cohen's Nobby has all the depth of his other famous characters and Strong is the consummate straight man. The only person that I didn't really enjoy in the movie was Rebel Wilson, who felt wasted.There are some jokes that fell flat, but there are at least 3 scenes that are incredibly memorable and made me laugh harder than any other movie in recent memory. Definitely not for people who can't handle any type of gross out humour, but if you can handle it Cohen is the best in the business when it comes to being crude and clever at the same time.I'm disappointed this movie has done so poorly, as I would have been legitimately excited to see a sequel. Guess Sacha better reconsider if Borat 2 might actually be a possibility. Naaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhht!Nailed it.