Movie Marathon Day 2: Strange Brew

Starring:  Rick Moranis, Dave Thomas, Max Von SydowPlot: Bod and Doug McKenzie start working at a beer bottling factory only to find out the crooked owner of said factory is trying to take over the world!Review:  So this movie was made in 1983, which is before I was born.  While I think it still has some charm and is not the worst movie of all time, it's really tough for a comedy to age as well as the likes of Caddyshack or Animal House.  I also forgot (or didn't know as I saw it last when I was like 6) that Max Von Sydow was in this movie!  Man was that a shock to see one of the best actors of all time get to be in a movie with Dave Thomas and Max Von Sydow (see what I did there?  Mad props Moranis, you're the man.)This movie isn't online anywhere and I can't download it, so for my review I can't go too much in depth, just go on about the things I remember from Bob and Doug.  I remember vividly them drinking a whole bunch of beer while wearing toques, I remember them saying "take off eh!" a whole bunch of times and I wanna say I remember Max Von Sydow having a...German (?) accent.Other than that I would just talk about the Bob and Doug McKenzie Christmas special cd my father had where he played "the twelve days of Christmas" to the point I hated Christmas (saved by the muppet version, cause the Muppets are sweet), but recall how they had a lot of beer (what would be the equivalent of six 12 packs of beer in 12 days each, which may not be a lot to you, but that's a significant amount).Uhhhh, if you have the opportunity, see this Canadian piece of cinematic wonderment, hoser.