Movie Marathon Day 1: Happy Gilmore

Starring:  Adam Sandler, Christopher McDonald, Bob Barker, Richard Kiel, Kevin Nealon, Carl WeathersPlotline:  Happy needs to play golf to save his grandmothers house, but happy doesn't play golf, he plays hockey.  Hilarity ensues.Review:  I remember loving this movie so much when I was a kid.  It was so fun when I was younger.  You'll notice that I'm using the past tense, which I am doing on purpose.  This movie plateau'd for me when I started to watch a lot of other comedies, even other Sandler comedies.  Once the top choice in my Sandler library, this has fallen to the wayside, maybe not even top five for me (I love Billy Madison still, Airheads, Reign Over Me will be above constantly).  Perhaps that's because I'm maturing as a movie goer, or perhaps it's just because I am more and more frustrated with Sandler as an actor.  Allow me to show my work.Sandler has such a entered style as a comedian, he's really put himself into a box as the "i'm kinda ugly" and "I was an asshole in high school, still an asshole now" guy that everyone thought was funny when we were younger.  Big problem with that is we all grew up and Sandler didn't.  I find him to be very similar to Ben Stiller in this way, hasn't changed in 25 years because he "knows what we want".  Horse apples.That being said, I do enjoy this movie still, as one dimensional as it is.  I think that all the secondary characters are great, Christopher McDonald as "Shooter" McGavin is fantastic, Lee Travino as the guy who shakes his head a lot is funny, Alan Covert as the Caddy is great.The movie also had some scenes that are genuinely hilarious, him taking the baseballs to the chest and head in the batting cage immediately comes to mind, as does the mini golf course of the earthquake stricken hollywood.  I ALSO learned that friends can listen to endless love in the dark, one of my favourite lines in movie history, I still use it to this day.As much as I have enjoyed this movie in the past, I find it more and more difficult to talk to people about it, or recommend it to people who want to watch a funny movie.  Not because I don't find it funny, but because there is so much more funny out there, as well as so much less Adam Sandler out there.  Why would I recommend this when I know that I can't give a proper Adam Sandler library of movies that doesn't suck?  Watch 5 of his movies, but avoid the other 38 he's in.  Oh yeah, you have kids too?  He did a cartoon about 8 crazy nights where instead of an asshole he plays a cartoon asshole, much more up kids alley's.  Or why would I talk about this when I could say Super Troopers, Caddyshack or Airplane! (Among many others)?I'll never say that I don't like this movie, because that's not true, but I will say that it constantly moves further and further down my list of movies as I grow older, or maybe movies are just being made better.