Dicaprio: A Leonardo In The Wind

So I'm gonna go on record here and say that I'm going to make a lot of enemies within the next little bit and not just because I'm a jerk!Leonardo DiCaprio should never win an Oscar for best actor. Wait a minute before you freak out on me, or get all pissed off so I can explain.  I never said he didn't deserve to win one, or doesn't have the talent to win one.  Moreover, let's run through the movies (in my opinion) that he could have, or should have won an Oscar for. This Boy's Life (1993): at the tender age of, holy crap he was 22 when this came out?!  Man, is this guy old or what?!  Anyways, Dicaprio's first real big movie, telling the real life story of Tobias Wolff and his life.  Not necessarily Oscar material yet, but he showed he could go up against (at the time anyways) Hollywood's best in Robert De Niro and Ellen Barkin (alongside Chris Cooper and Carla Gugino, no slouches in their own rights)What's Eating Gilbert Grape (1993):  in the same year, he got the pleasure of acting alongside Johnny Depp, Juliette Lewis and Mary Steenburgen in a tale about how Gilbert (Depp) needs to find himself while taking care of his younger brother Arnie (DiCaprio) who's mentally handicapped.  I truly thought DiCaprio WAS handicapped in this movie, that's how amazing he was.  I know he wouldn't win best actor, but a nod for supporting actor could have been sweet. He lost best supporting to Tommy Lee Jones in The FugitiveWinner for best actor in '93?  Tom Hanks in PhiladelphiaThe Basketball Diaries (1995): two years later, Leo hasn't stopped being amazing.  In this autobiographical tale, he plays larger than life icon Jim Carroll through his high school years and his downward spiral into heroin addiction, also how he "beat it".  Could have won best Oscar, but he obviously hadn't grown up enough.  He also got to know the likes of Lorraine Bracco, Ernie Hudson and a young/douchey Mark Wahlberg.Winner for best actor in '95? Nicolas Cage in Leaving Las VegasRomeo + Juliet (1996): While not everyones cup of tea, mainly the entire country of England, no one can fault his performance in Baz Luhrmann's futuristic tale about the star crossed lovers.  He also got to act against John Leguizamo, Pete Postlethwaite, Paul Sorvino, Brian Dennehy.  Not to mention the up and coming actors in Paul Rudd, Claire Danes, Jesse Bradford and the worlds greatest actor Jamie Kennedy.  A movie far ahead of it's time.Winner for best actor in '96? Geoffrey Rush in ShineTitanic (1997): The year that would make Leonardo DiCaprio a teen heart throb well into his 40's (seriously, he was 26 at the time).  A lot of people didn't like the movie, I was bored because I knew what would happen at the end, but I mean… Bernard Hill, Kathy Bates, Kate Winslett AND Billy Zane?!  Come on Hollywood, the biggest movie for the next decade and third biggest of all time (for now, Alvin and the Chipmunks 4: Road Chip is trucking along!) has to merit a nomination for him?  No?Winner for best actor in '97?  a VERY safe Jack Nicholson in As Good as it GetsThe Man in the Iron Mask (1998): Leo plays King Louie the…. 14th (had to use my fingers for the damned Roman numerals) AND his twin brother Phillipe in an aggrandized tale of history, violence… and revenge! Jeremy Irons, John Malkovich, Gerard Depardieu, Gabriel Byrne.  The only weird thing for me was how they knew Phillipe was the son of D'artagnan, just because he slept with the queen at the same time?  A bit weird, but still a great movie.Winner for best actor in '98? Roberto Benigni in Life in BeautifulGangs of New York (2002): DiCaprio was in movies between these years (The Beach), but I wouldn't have put him close to winning, or deserving for that movie, so I skipped to this... masterpiece of a movie by martin Scorsese about how gangs ran New York in the 1860's and how the formed into the world's greatest city.  I love this movie and I think it's a travesty he not only didn't win, he wasn't even nominated for either category.  Daniel Day Lewis was nominated for best actor, but lost.  Also, the movie has John C Riley, Cameron Diaz, Jim Broadbent, Brendan Gleeson AND a small role filled by Liam Neeson.Catch Me if You Can (2002): Oh look, another movie that infuriated me that he wasn't even nominated for.  Leo plays Frank Abignale, a ne'er do well who runs away from his family and becomes basically the worlds biggest scam artist along the way.  If you ever watched the tv show The Pretender, it's basically the same, he's a pilot, doctor, lawyer, all at the tender age of 17…wait, he was 31!  Man, this guy doesn't not age.  His coworker Christopher Walken got nominated for best supporting, but even Tom Hanks got snubbed for this.Winner for best actor in '02? Adrian Brody in the Pianist.The Aviator (2004):  Another gem from Mr. Scorsese brings Dicaprio together with Cate Blanchett, Kate Beckinsale, Alec Baldwin, Alan Alda, Ian holm, Jude Law, etc, in a tale of the amazing director and flyboy Howard Hughes.  He played crazy so well in this.  Another year without a win.Winner for best actor in '04?  Jamie Foxx in RayThe Departed (2006): A remake of a Japanese movie, again directed by Scorsese, Dicaprio teams up with Jack Nicholson, Matt Damon, Mark Wahlberg, Alec Baldwin and Anthony Anderson to rock this movie about modern day gangsters.Blood Diamond (2006):  Cap plays Danny Archer alongside Djimon Honsou (Jymon), Jennifer Connelly and Arnold Vosloo (also under the radar a lot) in a movie that has so much controversy that I've never heard anyone say that it's ok.  It's either a love or hate, nothing in between.  He got a nomination, but no win this year eitherWinner for best actor in '06?  Forest Whitaker in The Last King of ScotlandShutter Island and Inception (2010) were both well done movies, but I don't know if I could say that either of them should land him an Oscar, so they get asterisks by them.Winner for best actor in '10? Colin Firth in The Kings SpeechJ. Edgar (2011): Leo loves to play real people in movies it seems, and every one has been larger than life.  The tale of J. Edgar Hoover is no different.  Amazing role, mirrored (I thought) quite well my Armie Hammer.Winner for best actor in '11? Jean Dujardin in The ArtistDjango Unchained (2012): I don't like Quentin Tarantino, just something about him rubs me the wrong way.  That doesn't mean that DiCaprio wasn't amazing in this movie.  I can't say as he should have won best actor, but I thought his acting was better than the actor who won best supporting, which says a lot as it was Christoph Waltz for the same movie.Winner for best actor in '12? Daniel Day Lewis in LincolnThe Great Gatsby (2013):  I liked this movie a lot, far more than his other movie of 2013.  One could also say he was supporting to Tobey Maguire in this, but he still didn't get a nomination for that Oscar.The Wolf of Wall street (2013):  This movie was really good, but also about 25 minutes too long.  That's no Dicaprio's fault, his acting was superb and DID get him a nomination for best actor, but no win this year, for either amazing movie.Winner for best actor in '13? Matthew McConaughey for The Dallas Buyers Club (that guys name is rough to spell)So we now come to 2015, the year of DiCaprio some are saying.  The Revenant is going to get him that Golden man so he can… fade into obscurity realistically.  I listed over 15 movies that DiCaprio could have easily won for, some of those he should have won for, but he didn't win.  I think it would be way better for him as an artist and him as an icon to not win the Oscar for best actor.  Better to be the guy who didn't win, even with all his amazingness than to be the guy who won… once.  Sure, it's an awesome feat and puts him into the upper echelon of actors, but isn't he in there already?  Isn't he the best actor of this time?  Some can dispute that fact, but can they dispute it 15 times?