Four Force Awakens Comics I'd Like To See

Now that the long awaited Force Awakens has finally been released, we can finally start getting comics that feature the new characters. Here are 4 miniseries that I would love to see from Marvel. #4 - Rey I see most of these taking place before The Force Awakens, so for Rey I think an action story featuring Rey navigating the rough and dangerous world of Jakku could be very interesting. I'd love a story about her going to salvage a part from a machine that is legendarily difficult to get to and having to compete with other scrappers. Jakku was a really interesting planet, with a culture seemingly devoted to scavenging from the endless supply of leftover war machines, and I would love to see more of it. More Rey, cant hurt either, and maybe they'd even be nice enough to give us some hints  about her backstory. #3 - FinnFor Finn, I would be interested in seeing a series featuring Finn's stormtrooper academy days for one big reason; it would mean more Captain Phasma. We could also get a better sense of exactly who the First Order are and what sort of things they are doing under more ordinary circumstances. Finn is really just delightful, and the thought of him going through training, trying to make friends, and living in fear of Phasma sounds too good not to exist.#2 - Poe and BB-8This is actually the series that I would most like to read as an ongoing. Pretty straightforward, the rebellion's number one pilot and his little buddy having space adventures while sticking it to the First Order. Just start when Poe joins the Rebellion and go from there. I've never kickstartered anything before, but I would to make this happen. Much like the Finn idea, this would give us a chance to see what the rebellion does under more ordinary circumstances, and would give me an opportunity to see more of Poe, who was my favorite character in the movie. Before I post my last entry I want to warn you that it contains MAJOR SPOILERS so read at own risk.      #1 - Kylo RenI'll say it again, MAJOR SPOILERS in this one.This would really be a Ben Solo story, taking place during his training with Luke. I would love to see a pivotal moment, like Young Kylo facing his Jedi trials or building his lightsaber. This would also allow us to see hints of the darkside to come, as well as giving us a window into Luke's training methods. This one seems the least likely to actually happen, since its clearly material they want to explore in later films.