Supernatural Seasons 1-5

So I started watching Supernatural, admittedly many seasons into the show.  I dove through the first five seasons in about 10 days, which is enough to drive any sane man over the edge.  A less sane man like myself is mind boggled by this ordeal.The premise of the show was really good.  Two brothers fighting monsters, kicking ass and taking names to a pretty good soundtrack.  Aside from the fact that the three men in the show were realistically FAR too handsome to all be in the same place at the same time, as well as the fact that seemingly every person in this show was chiseled from the Gods imagination of perfection it started pretty good.  It was dark and funny, emotional and witty.  Sam's boring cliched sad teddy bear routine played off well against Dean's gruff, off the collar comedy (which is far and away the best part of the show.  This guy is hilarious in this).Throughout the show you find things out about the characters, they grow more as human beings, which is great, but the base character stays the same.  Then something really dumb happens in the show, and possibly ruined the first 5 seasons for me... well, a couple did, but this one is big.  They had to bring God, angels and a biblical sense into the show.  There's demons, so there must be a Satan,  which logically means there are angels and there's a God.  But.... why?  Evil for the sake of evil is a thing that can happen, it didn't need to have the "good" element added to it.So as the seasons went on, fighting monsters became fighting evil, because not all monsters are bad (like Harry from Harry and the Hendersons, or like... cousin itt from the Addams Family).  That's all well and good, but it really pushes the main characters to be less the dynamic duo and more the emo, hurt children.Season... Lord, I don't even remember what season it was now, they all blend together, but let's say 4, hit and you find out Sam is supposedly some sort of "skin suit" for Satan himself, an angel fallen from Heaven, wanting to destroy mankind.  They call him Lucifer, and don't say Satan, not sure why, but I'm sure there's a reason behind it.  So Dean, his brother NATURALLY has to be the "skin suit" of Michael, the archangel of Heaven sent down to smite Lucifer, because.... why not.The guys have their own plans and are really against this whole manifest destiny deal to no ones surprise.  Then the show gets pretty boring to me.  They have entire episodes where no monsters get killed, but there's a lot of talking and the two say "I'm your brother" and "you betrayed me!", which gets old faster than... something that ages really quickly.Season 5 hits and they have this plan to save the world, it works and one of the brothers is gone to end the show, the ultimate sacrifice for family, love, life and all that sort of stuff.  Cool, it's over and now there's closure.  They do whatever they can to fix the world so it can be lived in, one brother lives in it.... but wait, there's 6 more seasons of this show!That's my problem with it.  It's popular and girls love the attractive men, so it gets killed.  The characters get old and boring, the plot thins and gets stupid, no one really goes home happy at all, except fangirls who splash every time they're on t.v.That's why I like shows like Oz over Prison Break, or Avatar: the Last Airbender over this.  They have a plan of exactly what they want to do and they do it.  The shows end.  Prison Break was supposed to be over after 1 season, but it dragged out in like 200, Supernatural 5 seasons into 11 so far.  Oz had 6 seasons, each pushed the boundaries and had a concrete ending where the Prison literally gets shut down.  Avatar has 3 seasons where the good guys win.  They both could have gone on and ruined their awesomeness, but they didn't.  I'm going to struggle through the next 6 seasons of this show and likely get real upset with myself, then shower for an hour straight.