Donnie Yen

So I watched a trailer for a new movie called Ip Man 3 and was really intrigued, because it has a Chinese Martial artist named Donnie Yen fighting Iron Mike Tyson.  I was immediately on board, but admittedly had never seen the first two movies.  Lo and behold, they were on Netflix!Let me tell you about these movies... holy crap is this guy impressive with what he does.  The movies are based around a gentleman named Ip Man, who was a wing chun master and had the privilege of training Bruce Lee in martial arts.  He lived through both world wars and was a respected man who apparently just kicked ass his entire life.  Donnie Yen has the daunting task of trying to be this man, to which he performs admirably and kicks ass quite well.I, like many of my Western world brethren had barely heard of Donnie Yen (he was in Blade 2 and Shanghai Knights though..... ouch.) and holy crap is this guy great. He's basically the comedic timing of Jackie Chan and the brutality of Jet Li with the chops of both (a world champion fighter who has a lot of black belts and a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu). So I watched these movies and my thirst was not nearly satiated, so I delved into my Netflix and watched every single Donnie Yen movie I could.  Worth... 75% of the time at least, which says a lot, because there's a lot of garbage out there.My Netflix when you're bored series sort of fizzled out, but if I were to start it again I would do it like this:Ip Man (2008): the story of Ip Man and how he kicks ass and takes names.Ip Man 2 (2010): The further stories of him still kicking ass, which involve a great fight with Samo Hung and a fight against a boxer which looks awful in every sense of the word.Hero (2002): a small role in a Jet Li movie which has him fight Li and lose, but a great fight nonetheless.Kung Fu Killer (2014): Also called Kung Fu Jungle, Yen plays a martial arts master who goes on the hunt for a murderer who's murdering martial arts masters... pretty sweet movie with some awesome fights.Special I.D. (2013): Yen plays an undercover cop who wants out, but needs to finish the job he started... or else.  The last fight scene is intense and well worth the first bits.Iron Monkey (1993): a classic martial arts movie that is as cheesy as can be.  Great watch.Legend of the Fist (2010): the third in a series started way back in 1972 with Bruce Lee playing the title role, Yen has taken it and kicks assIceman (2014): probably the worst of the bunch, it's a time piece that wasn't done great, but has some nice fights in it and Yen is pretty awesome, so I toughed through.Flash Point (2007): Yen plays a cop who's partner is undercover and gets caught, Yen kicks ass to get him out.There's a couple themes with him.. he's a cop who kicks ass, or just a dude who kicks ass.  Super fun to watch and I recommend people watch at least two of these, because it's awesome to see a movie with martial arts and doesn't need Jet Li or Jackie Chan.For your viewing pleasure, I have also a list of his "best fights", which includes a fight that has been voted in the top 3 of like... every list of fights in the world where he fights a cat named Jing Wu in a movie called Kill Zone, which I watched, but cannot say how I got a hold of it, but man is this fight crazy!