Unsung Heroes Of Hollywood - Part 3

EP-130229999Frances McDormand as been on the silver screen since 1984, has been nominated for 4 Oscars and won 1 of those nominations. But that doesn't seem good enough. Definitely not good enough knowing the long list of amazing movies she's been in, and knowing how seamlessly she can adapt into any role given to her.Her first big break was in 1987's Nicolas Cage hit Raising Arizona as Dot, his wife.  She hit it off and performed exceptionally well, without looking back at obscurity once in her career.  Her first Oscar nomination came for 1988's Mississippi Burninga role that pitted her up against the likes of R. Lee Ermy, Willem Dafoe and a little somebody called Gene Hackman, but that didn't scare her away.  She took the role and embraced it, but narrowly lost out to Geena Davis for her role in The Accidental Tourist.But that didn't stop her, she went on to do a lot of genre spanning movies such as The Butcher's Wife, Darkman, Primal Fear and many more, proving along the way that she could "hang with the best of them" as it were, before she hit Oscar jackpot with her phenomenal acting as Marge Gunderson in the Coen brothers Fargo.  This movie hit hard and not only made sure no one would forget the Coen Bros, but 100% ensured that Frances McDormand was known as one of the best character actresses in Hollywood.A short four years after her success on Fargo, McDormand got another script on her desk to play Elaine Miller, an out of it mother whose young son goes on tour with Stllwater, a VERY up and coming band on the rock n' roll scene due to their amazing guitarist Russell Hammond in the Cameron Crowe joint Almost Famous.  She got nominated for a best supporting actress role, but very sadly lost out to Marcia Gay Harden (holy crap I laughed writing that) for her role in Pollock.Since Almost Famous came out in 2000, McDormand has appeared in over a dozen things ranging from Transformers: The Dark of the Moon to MoonRise Kingdom to a small cameo in an episode of The Simpsons.  She hasn't stopped moving for 30 years and has the chops to prove it.  She has fallen out of the limelight as being a strong female lead since the resurgence of Angelina Jolie or since the love of my life Jennifer Lawrence stormed onto the scene, but neither of those things takes away from McDormand being an amazing character actress who flows from movie to movie seamlessly.