The OC Board Game

Let's wind the clocks back to 2003: Bush in the White House, the Iraq War was supposed to be finished in 6 months and the OC premieres to massive success. A success so massive that it necessitated a board game. But not just any board game, a game that you can play WHILE you watch the tv show. "This game sounds groundbreaking" you exclaim. While let me assure you, hypothetical audience who responds aloud to articles you read, it is not groundbreaking.Let's start with the instruction booklet. It... reads like a fifth grader wrote it at lunch before he had to hand it in for the next period. The rules don't really make any sense. The goal of the game is to collect 6 cast cards and $100,000. The problems start there; you get cast cards and money by answering questions. If you answer a question right you get a cast card and $5,000. There are bases that make you lose money, and ways to get cast cards without getting money so without fail you will get 6 cast cards way before you get even halfway to the money goal. At that point the game starts resembling Monopoly at its worst, as a long drudge towards the money goal begins.The questions themselves are divided into two categories: Trivia and Survey. Trivia questions are fairly standard, though you definitely need to be an OC super fan, as the questions are very specific. The problems come in the survey questions, where one player asks the other players their opinions on things like "who would Ryan like best" or "who would have a crush on Seth." With more than two players this is fine; the reader asks the question, writes down the answer and gets $5000 for each player that has an answer matching theirs.The rules for two players are not remotely functional. Here the reader has the guess the other persons answer in three tries. As you might have noticed in the example questions, the answers are only people playing the game and if only two people are playing then there are only two possible answers. So it would be impossible to not get the answer in three tries.Like I said earlier, there is an extra layer to the game if you play it while watching the show. Each player receives a card that contains 3 recurring motifs in the OC; mine were "someone says cilantro", "Ryan Eats eggs" and "Sandy carries a surfboard". If one of the items on your card happens in the episode you are watching you receive $1000. This is an interesting idea, the problem I had is that it is hard to pay attention to a tv show to the point that you are listening for individual words while playing a board game. I feel like it would only work if you were already enough of a fan to know when these things would show up in specific episodes.So in summary this game is only worthwhile if you are an OC superfan and are willing to make up your own rules. Besides that, 10/10 best game ever.